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Prepub SAMOS 2007-2009

- 2009

2009-014 Career-path analysis using drifting Markov models (DMM) and self-organizing maps
Massoni S., Olteanu M., Rousset P.
[hal-00443530 − version 1]

2009-013 Intrinsic Dimension Estimation by Maximum Likelihood in Probabilistic PCA
Bouveyron C., Celeux G., Girard S.
[hal-00440372 − version 1]

2009-012 Forward recursions and normalizing constant
Guyon X., Hardouin C.
[hal-00437876 − version 1]

2009-011 Efficient tuition fees and examinations : A reply
Harari-Kermadec H., Flacher D.
[hal-00443971 - version 1]

2009-010 Non-central limit theorem for the cubic variation of a class of selfsimilar stochastic processes
Es-Sebaiy K., Tudor C.
[hal-00432690 − version 1]

2009-009 Approximation of the finite dimensional distributions of multiple fractional integrals
Bardina X., Es-Sebaiy K., Tudor C.
[hal-00432689 − version 1]

2009-008 On the structure of Gaussian random variables
Tudor C.
[hal-00403952 − version 2]

2009-007 Stochastic 2D hydrodynamical systems : Support theorem
Chueshov I., Millet A.
[hal-00403685 − version 1]

2009-006 On the discretization of backward doubly stochastic differential equations
Aboura O.
[hal-00402977 − version 1]

2009-005 Brownian and fractional Brownian stochastic currents via Malliavin calculus
Flandoli F., Tudor C.
[hal-00400837 − version 1]

2009-004 Chaine et champ de markov : quelques récurrences et calcul d’une constante de normalisation
Guyon X., Hardouin C.
[hal-00397201 − version 1]

2009-003 Adaptive mixture discriminant analysis for supervised learning with unobserved classes
Bouveyron C.
[hal-00392297 − version 2]

2009-002 An integer-valued bilinear type model
Latour A., Truquet L.
[hal-00373409 − version 1]

2009-001 A nonparametric resampling for non causal random fields and its application to the texture synthesis
Truquet L.
[hal-00371597 − version 1]

- 2008

2008-012 Stochastic Heat Equation with Multiplicative Fractional-Colored Noise
Balan R., Tudor C.
[hal-00345923 − version 2]

2008-011 A wavelet analysis of the Rosenblatt process : chaos expansion and estimation of the self-similarity parameter
Bardet J.-M., Tudor C.
[hal-00339203 − version 1]

2008-010 Adaptive Linear Models for Regression
Bouveyron C., Jacques J.
[hal-00305987 − version 2]

2008-009 Stochastic 2D hydrodynamical type systems : Well posedness and large deviations
Chueshov I., Millet A.
[hal-00295023 − version 3]

2008-008 Self-similarity parameter estimation and reproduction property for non-Gaussian Hermite processes
Chronopoulou A., Tudor C., Viens F.
[hal-00294038 − version 1]

2008-007 optimal pruned K-nearest neighbors : op-knn application to financial modeling
Severin E., Miche Y., Lendasse A., Sorjamaa A., Yu Q.
[hal-00286065 − version 1]

2008-006 A new smoothed QMLE for AR processes with LARCH errors
Truquet L.
[hal-00284776 − version 3]

2008-005 Evaluation for moments of a ratio with application to regression estimation
Doukhan P., Lang G.
[hal-00276881 − version 1]

2008-004 Use of advanced cluster analysis to characterize seafood consumption patterns and methyle mercury exposures among pregnant women
Pouzaud F., Ibbou A., Blanchemanche S., Grandjean P., Krempf M., Verger P.
[hal-00264941 − version 1]

2008-003 Measuring the roughness of random paths by increment ratios
Bardet J.-M., Surgailis D.
[hal-00238556 − version 2]

2008-002 Neural Networks and their application in the fields of corporate finance
Severin E.
[hal-00325117 − version 1] (26/09/2008)

2008-001 Occupation densities for certain processes related to fractional Brownian motion
Es-Sebaiy K., Nualart D., Ouknine Y., Tudor C.
[hal-00211827 − version 1]

- 2007

2007-008 Maximum likelihood estimators and random walks in long memory models
Bertin K., Torres S., Tudor C.
[hal-00184942 − version 2]

2007-007 Central and non-central limit theorems for weighted power variations of fractional Brownian motion
Nourdin I., Nualart D., Tudor C.
[hal-00184057 − version 3]

2007-006 A new stochastic process to model Heart Rate series during exhaustive run and an estimator of its fractality parameter
Bardet J.-M., Billat V., Kammoun I.
[hal-00176298 − version 2]

2007-005 Chord-distribution functions and Rice formulae. Application to random media.
Estrade A., Iribarren I., Kratz M.
[hal-00161806 − version 1]

2007-004 Level curves, crossings and specular points for Gaussian models.
Kratz M., Leon J. R.
[hal-00239290 − version 2]

2007-003 Estimating the number of regimes in a switching autoregressive model
Olteanu M., Rynkiewicz J.
[hal-00137438 − version 1]

2007-002 Detecting abrupt changes of the long-range dependence or the self-similarity of a Gaussian process
Bardet J.-M., Kammoun I.
[hal-00195089 − version 2]

2007-001 Identication of fuzzy function via interval analysis
Vigneron V., Olteanu M., Maaref H.
[hal-00202741 − version 1]

Post-scriptum : dernier numéro Hal : [hal-00443971 - version 1]