Special issue in the ‘Neural networks’ journal

A special issue of the “Neural Networks” (Elsevier) journal will be published on the “Advances in Self-Organizing Maps” theme, after the WSOM’05 conference.


A few WSOM’05 authors have been invited to submit an extended version of their conference contribution to this issue.  In addition, the submission is open to anybody (WSOM authors and participants AND other researchers in the field).


The special issue will cover a wide range of topics within the SOM and related techniques, including the following: self-organization, unsupervised learning (including PCA/NLPCA, ICA/NLICA, Principal Curves/Surfaces), theory and extensions, optimization, hardware and architecture, signal processing, image processing and vision, time-series analysis, text and document analysis, financial analysis, data visualization and mining, bioinformatics, robotics.


All papers, including those that are extended versions of the conference contribution, will be reviewed according to the standard of the “Neural networks” journal.  This means that contributions that were evaluated positively for the conference could still necessitate further work, simulation, comparisons with the state-of-the-art, etc. in order to reach the standard of the journal.  Of course, papers that are extended versions of a WSOM’05 paper should in any case take into account the comments expressed by the reviewers on the conference contribution.


A short guide for authors is available at http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescription.cws_home/841/description#description.  In addition to these instructions, the submissions to the special issue should be limited to 12 journal pages, i.e. approximately 20 single-space one-column pages including figures and tables.


Papers to be submitted to this special issue should NOT be sent through the regular submission procedure.  Instead, they should be sent in electronic version (PostScript or PDF file) to Marie Cottrell, cottrell@univ-paris1.fr. 


Deadline for submission: 15 November 2005.