The 8th International Meeting ACSEG 2001

Connectionist Approaches in Economics and Management Sciences

Rennes, November 22-23, 2001

Call for Paper


The international meetings of ACSEG give the opportunity to assess the state-of-art of the approaches of bio mimetic inspiration (neural networks, genetic algorithms, cellular machines, fuzzy logic,…). They also intend to draw prospects and to highlight their contributions to research in Economics and Management Science. They allow researchers to present their recent works, to exchange their know-how and to discuss the problems they meet.

After Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), Reus (Spain), Paris (France), the International Meeting ACSEG’s 2001 is being held in Rennes (France) at the Institut de Gestion de Rennes by the Centre Rennais de Recherche en Economie Gestion (CREREG, UMR CNRS 6585).

Call for paper

You are invited to submit works on Economics or Management in which methods of bio mimetic inspiration (neuronal networks, genetic algorithms, cellular machines, fuzzy logic,…) are used as well from a theoretical point of view as form applications into the following fields:

Each year, a selection of best papers is published in an international scientific review (Fuzzy Economic Review in 1999, European Journal of Economics and Social Systems in 2000).

Scientific Committee

Hans AMMAN (Dept of Macronomia, University of Amsterdam), Jacques Marie AURIFEILLE (GREGEOI-FACIREM, Université de la Réunion), Jean-Pierre ASSELIN DE BEAUVILLE (AUPELF-UREF, Montréal), Eric DE BODT (ESA, Université de Lille 2 et CGEF, Université Catholique de Louvain), Jean-François CASTA (CEREG, Université de Paris 9 Dauphine), Marie COTTRELL (MATISSE-SAMOS, Université de Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Alain COUTURIER (LRSGUN – Université de Nantes et CNAM Nantes), Bruce CURRY (Université de Cardiff), Hennie DANIELS (Dept of Economics, University of Tilburg), Christophe DEISSENBERG (CEFI, Université d’Aix-Marseille), Pierre DESMET (DMSP, Université de Paris 9 Dauphine), Bernard FIOLEAU, (LRSGUN, Université de Nantes), Patrick GALLINARI (LAFORIA, Paris 6), Jaime GIL ALUJA (Université de Barcelone), Harald HRUSCHKA (Université de Regensburg), Bernard PAULRE (Université de Paris 1), Bernard PRAS (DMSP, Université de Paris 9 Dauphine), Philippe ROBERT-DEMONTROND (CREREG, IGR-Université de Rennes 1), Daniel THIEL (ENITIAA, Université de Nantes), Michel VERLEYSEN (DICE, Université Catholique de Louvain).

Organising Commitee

Cédric Lesage (Coordination), Dominique Marraine (Secretariat), Karine Gallopel, Anthony Miloudi, Franck Moraux, Christophe Villa.

With the support of CREREG (UMR CNRS, C6585), IREIMAR (FR 7 CNRS), Institut de Gestion de Rennes, and the University of Rennes 1.


The papers selected by the scientific committee will be presented in English or French. Two parallel sessions will be hold simultaneously. The ACSEG committee has invited four lecturers for plenary sessions:

Evolution of complex economic systems and uncertain information

Jean-Pierre Aubin (CRVJC, University of Paris-Dauphine)

The theory of qualitative decision in uncertainty

Didier Dubois, Henri Prade (IRIT, Toulouse, CNRS)

Cognitive economics

Bernard Paulré (University of Paris-La Sorbonne)

Introduction to multilayer perceptron and hybrid hidden Markov,

multilayer perceptron, models

Joseph Rynkiewicz (SAMOS-MATISSE, University of Paris La Sorbonne)

The "ACSEG’s Young Researcher Price"

This year an "ACSEG’s Young Researcher Price" will be granted by the Scientific Committee. Rewarding a paper presented during the meeting, this price is restricted to PhD students or doctors graduated after the 01/01/1999. The young researcher will receive an amount of 305 € and his works will be included into the selected papers.

Dates and deadlines

July 20, 2001 : Submission of full papers (3 copies, 8-10 pages, in French, English or Spanish). An abstract in English is demanded for papers in English or Spanish. No electronic nor fax submissions are accepted.

September 15, 2001 :Notification of acceptance (two reviewers)

October 15, 2001 : Submission of final papers (Format files available on the web site)

The submissions must be sent by postal mail to the following address:

Conference ACSEG 2001


11, rue Jean Macé

CS 70803

35078 Rennes Cedex 7



The fees (115 €) include the Proceedings of the conference, the coffee-breaks, and both lunches. They also include, on Thursday evening, a night visit of the Abbey and a dinner in a restaurant at the Mont St Michel.

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