Conference program



Monday September 5th p.m.

Conference location: Sorbonne


Plenary talk I


14h00:       Pointwise Organizing Projections ? Teuvo Kohonen


Clustering I


15h00:       Patterning and clustering ecological assemblages, Muriel Gevrey, Sovan Lek, Thierry Oberdorff, Young Seuk Park


15h20:       Clustering of context data using k-means with an integrate and fire type neuron model, John Flanagan


15h40:       U*F clustering: a new performant “cluster-mining” method based on segmentation of Self-Organizing Maps, Fabien Moutarde, Alfred Ultsch


Control I


15h00:       Design of automotive's complex electronic system based on SOM clustering, Stephan Brummund, Philipp Nenninger, Simmi Saxena, Uwe Kiencke


15h20:       Self-organizing adaptive controllers: Application to the inverted pendulum, Tetsuya Minatohara, Tetsuo Furukawa


15h40:       A Recurrent Anticipatory Self-Organized Map for Robust Time Series Prediction, Samarth Swarup, Kiran Lakkaraju, Nicholas Smith, Sylvian Ray


16h:     Coffee break


Clustering II


16h30:       Fast vector quantization with topology learning, Marcos M. Campos


16h50:       An Ant-Based Self-Organizing Feature Maps Algorithm, Chih-Chieh Yang, Sheng-Chai Chi


17h10:       Clustering with SOM: U*C, Alfred Ultsch


Control II


16h30:       Control of unknown multivariable systems based on the self-organizing maps, Jeongho Cho, José Príncipe, Mark A. Motter


16h50:       Multiple traveling salesmen problem with hierarchy of cities in inspection task with limited visibility, Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich, Libor Přeučil,


17h10:       Competitive Probabilistic Self-Organizing Map for Routing Problems, Hassan Ghaziri


17h30:       Optimizing the SOM for the playstation 2, Stephen McGlinchey


18h:           Welcome party - "Salon décanal"

Tuesday September 6th a.m.

Conference location: Carré des Sciences


Plenary talk II


09h00:       Self Organizing Maps for Time Series, Barbara Hammer, Alessio Micheli, Nicolas Neubauer, Alessandro Sperduti, Marc Strickert


10h:           Poster session I and coffee break


Visual explorations in real estate landscape, Eero Carlson, Pekka Rahkila


Mnemonic SOMs: Recognizable Shapes for Self-Organizing Maps, Rudolf Mayer, Dieter Merkl, Andreas Rauber


On visual exploration of breast cancer data using the self-organizing map, Tomas Eklund, Mikael Collan, Päivi Jalava, Teijo Kuopio, Yrjö Collan


Imprinted gene detection in Arabidopsis thaliana, Reiner Schulz, Sushma Tiwari, Rod Scott, Rebecca Oakey


On equiprobabilistic maps and plausible density estimation, Jorge Muruzábal, Susana Vegas-Azcárate


Examining the behaviour of the Evolving Tree, Jussi Pakkanen


An Algorithm of SOM using Simulated Annealing in the Batch Update Phase for Sequence Analysis, Hiroshi Dozono, Hisao Tokushima, Shigeomi Hara, Yoshio Noguchi


Kohonen networks with graph-based augmented metrics, Peter Andras, Olusola Idowu


A large-scale Self-Organizing Map (SOM) constructed with the Earth Simulator unveils sequence characteristics of a wide range of eukaryotic genomes, Takashi Abe, Hideaki Sugawara, Shigehiko Kanaya, Makoto Kinouchi, Yasaburo Matsuura, Heizo Tokutaka, Toshimichi Ikemura


The SOM reef - A new metaphoric visualization approach for self organizing maps, Tim W. Nattkemper


Graph-based normalization for non-linear data analysis (II) : application to SOM optimization, Catherine Aaron


Binary SOM Based on Significance of Inputs and its Application to Reproduction of GA, Ryosuke Kubota, Keiichi Horio, Takeshi Yamakawa


Signature verifier based on self-organizing feature map, Pavel Mautner, Václav Matoušek, TomᚠMaršálek


Content adaptive compression of images using neural maps, Udo Seiffert


Torus Self-Organizing Map for genome informatics, Shinichi Horata, Toshimichi Ikemura, Tetsuyuki Yukawa


Time series


11h20:       Using self-organizing maps to adjust  intra-day seasonality, Walid Ben Omrane, Eric DeBodt


11h40:       On the need of unfolding pre-processing for time series clustering, Geoffroy Simon, John A. Lee, Michel Verleysen


12h00:       A Descriptive Method to Evaluate the Number of Regimes in a Switching Autoregressive Model, Madalina Olteanu


12h20:       Quantifying similarity between time series using the SOM, Hui Liu, José Príncipe, J. Chris Sackellares


Neural Gas


11h20:       Batch neural gas, Marie Cottrell, Barbara Hammer, Alexander Hasenfuss, Thomas Villmann


11h40:       Fuzzy labeled neural gas for fuzzy classification, Thomas Villmann, Barbara Hammer, Frank-Michael Schleif, Tina Geweniger


12h00:       Efficient Knowledge Extraction using Unsupervised Neural Network Models, Jean-Charles Lamirel, Shadi Al Shehabi



12h20:       Online nonlinear mapping using the neural gas network, Pablo A. Estevez, Cristian J. Figueroa



Tuesday September 6th p.m.

Conference location: Carré des Sciences


Plenary talk III


14h00:       From Learning Metrics towards Dependency Exploration, Samuel Kaski


15h:           Poster session II and coffee break


                  A novel self-organizing network determines the proper cluster structure automatically, Bin Tang, Malcolm Heywood, Michael Shepherd


                  Spherical SOM with arbitrary number of neurons and measure of suitability, Hirokazu Nishio, Md. Altaf-Ul Amin, Ken Kurokawa, Kotaro Minato, Shigehiko Kanaya,


                  Gradient visualization of grouped component planes on the SOM lattice, Georg Pölzlbauer, Michael Dittenbach, Andreas Rauber


                  Using the self-organizing map to design efficient RBF models for nonlinear channel equalization, Luís G. M. Souza, Guilherme Barreto, João Mota


                  A Generative Gaussian Graph to learn the topology of a set of points, Michaël Aupetit


                  Competing Behavior of Two Kinds of SOMs and its Application to Clustering, Haruna Matsushita, Yoshifumi Nishio


                  PSOM+: Parametrized Self-Organizing Maps for noisy and incomplete data, Stefan Klanke, Helge Ritter


                  Robust SOM for realistic data completion, Bertrand Maillet, Paul Merlin, Patrick Rousset


                  CASOM:SOM for Contingency Tables and Biplot, Rodolphe Priam


                  Application of Self Organized Maps and Curvilinear Component Analysis to the Discrimination of the Vesuvius Seismic Signals, Stefano Masiello, Antonietta M. Esposito, Silvia Scarpetta, Flora Giudicepietro, Anna Esposito, Maria Marinaro


                  mu-SOM : Weighting features during clustering, Sébastien Guérif, Younès Bennani, Eric Janvier


                  Controversial empirical results on batch versus one pass online algorithms, Ana Isabel Gonzalez Acuña, Manuel Graña Romay,


                  Batch Learning Algorithm of SOM with Attractive and Repulsive Data, Tetsuo Furukawa, Satoshi Sonoh, Keiichi Horio, Takeshi Yamakawa


                  Kernel self-organising maps and mixture networks, Hujun Yin, King Wai Lau


Clustering III


16h20:       TreeSOM: cluster analysis in the self-organizing map, Elena V. Samsonova, Joost N. Kok, Ad P. IJzerman


16h40:       Considering topology in the clustering of the Self-Organizing Maps, Kadim Tasdemir, Erzsébet Merényi


17h00:       The Profilograph: a toolbox for the analysis and the segmentation of gas load curves, Patrick Letrémy, Valérie Laffite, Sally Showk, Eric Esposito, Marie Cottrell


New architectures in SOM


16h20:       Fast spherical self organizing map - Use of indexed geodesic data structure-, Yingxin Wu, Masahiro Takatsuka


16h40:       Enhancing clustering performance of feature maps using randomness, Rasika Amarasiri, Damminda Alahakoon, Malin Premaratne, Kate Smith


17h00:       A hierarchically growing hyperbolic self-organizing map for rapid structuring of large data sets, Jörg Ontrup, Helge Ritter

Wednesday September 7th a.m.

Conference location: Carré des Sciences


Plenary talk IV


09h00:       SOMs as a representation infrastructure for signal processing and controls, José Príncipe


Pattern Recognition


10h00:       Supervised Learning in Hyper-Column Model, Atsushi Shimada, Naoyuki Tsuruta, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi,


10h20:       Using multiple self-organizing architectures for object recognition, Alessio Plebe, Rosaria Grazia Domenella


10h40:       The predictive self-organizing map : application to speech features extraction, Bruno Gas, Mohamed Chetouani, Jean-Luc Zarader, Farid Feiz,


Alternatives to SOM


10h00:       Geo-SOM and its integration with geographic information systems, Fernando Bação, Victor Lobo, Marco Painho


10h20:       Improved Generalization Abilities by Topological Data Mapping, Hirokazu Madokoro, Kazuhito Sato, Masaki Ishii


10h40:       Understanding and reducing variability of SOM' neighbourhood structure, Patrick Rousset, Christiane Guinot, Bertrand Maillet


11H:          Coffee break


Modular networks


11h30:       Properties of the topographic product of experts, Colin Fyfe


11h50:       Modular network SOM: The architecture, the algorithm and applications to nonlinear dynamical systems, Syuji Kaneko, Kazuhiro Tokunaga, Tetsuo Furukawa


12h10:       SOM2 as "SOM of SOMs", Tetsuo Furukawa


Adaptations of SOM


11h30:       Mass-GRSOM: a flexible rule extraction for classification, SE Papadakis, VG Kaburlasos


11h50:       A fast algorithm for the self-organizing map on dissimilarity data, Brieuc Conan-Guez, Fabrice Rossi, Aïcha El Golli


12h10:       A modification of the SOM algorithm to deal with non-symmetric proximities, Manuel Martín-Merino, Alberto Muñoz



Wednesday September 7th p.m.

Conference location: Carré des Sciences



Plenary talk V


14h00 :      SOM's mathematics, Jean-Claude Fort


Mathematical aspects of SOM


15h00:       Dynamical analysis of LVQ type learning rules, Anarta Ghosh, Michael Biehl, Barbara Hammer


15h20:       Computing with activities, whu-structures and a quantization model of the neural nets, Matthias Reuter, Sabine Bostelmann,


15h40:       Relation between the som algorithm and the distorsion measure, Joseph Rynkiewicz


Applications in medicine


15h00:       Analysis of finger plethysmogram using the Self-Organizing Map, Shinya Urase, Yoshio Maniwa, Daisuke Matsushita, Heizo Tokutaka, Kikuo Fujimura, Masaaki Ohkita, Yutaka Fukui


15h20:       Application of unsupervised clustering methods to medical imaging, Anke Meyer-Baese, Fabian Theis, P. Gruber, Axel Wismueller, Helge Ritter


15h40:       Homeostatic synaptic scaling in self-organizing maps, Thomas Sullivan, Virginia de Sa


16h:           Coffee break


Nonlinear analysis


16h30:       Nonlinear ASSOM constituted of autoassociative neural modules, Kazuhiro Tokunaga, Tetsuo Furukawa


16h50:       Graph-based normalization for non-linear data analysis (I), Catherine Aaron


17h10:       Input Selection and Regression using the SOM, Francesco Corona, Amaury Lendasse




16h30:       'DiPPP' online self-improving linear map for distance-preserving data analysis, Marc Strickert, Sascha Teichmann, Nese Sreenivasulu, Udo Seiffert


16h50:       A novel bioinformatics strategy for phylogenetic study of genomic sequence fragments: self-organizing map (SOM) of oligonucleotide frequencies, Takashi Abe, Toshimichi Ikemura, Shigehiko Kanaya, Makoto Kinouchi, Hideaki Sugawara


17h10:       SOMBRERO: Integrating self-organizing neural networks in the search for DNA binding motifs, Shaun Mahony, Panayiotis Benos, Terry J. Smith, Aaron Golden


Conference dinner - Eiffel Tower

Thursday September 8th a.m.

Conference location: Sorbonne



Plenary talk VI


09h00:       Applications of Brain-Inspired SOR Network to Controller Design and Knowledge Acquisition, Takanori Koga, Keiichi Horio, Takeshi Yamakawa


SOM as a projection method


10h00:       Local multidimensional scaling with controlled tradeoff between trustworthiness and continuity, Jarkko Venna, Samuel Kaski


10h20:       Assessing self organizing maps via contiguity analysis, Ludovic Lebart


10h40:       A combined multidimensional scaling + self-organizing maps method for exploratory analysis of qualitative data, Elina Miret, Francisco Garcia-Lagos, Gonzalo Joya, Hector Arazoza, Francisco Sandoval


11h:           Coffee break


Improvements of the SOM algorithm


11h30:       Edgeworth-expanded topographic map formation, Marc Van Hulle


11h50:       A new criterion to evaluate the stability of SOM, Jérôme Blancher, Guy Lamarque,


12h10:       Generalization of the Lp norm for time series and its application to Self-Organizing Maps, John A. Lee, Michel Verleysen


Farewell party - "Salon décanal"